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For any community to thrive in the future, it must provide tangible benefits and meaningful values in exchange for people's time and membership dues. An association that doesn't excel at this may struggle to maintain its existence.

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Customer Segment

Transform Alumni Engagement.

Break the cycle. At Plenarys we redefine alumni engagement. Provide lasting value with exclusive networks, ongoing mentorship, curated events, job postings, and business advertisement opportunities. Make alumni connections thrive beyond graduation.

Empower Your Alumni Beyond Graduation.

Graduates shouldn’t lose momentum. With Plenarys, extend post-program support for your alumni. Encourage them to join your exclusive network for continuous mentorship, networking, and resources. Let’s ensure their success story doesn’t stop at graduation.

Maximize Membership Value

Elevate your association with Plenarys. Our platform ensures your members get the most from their dues—facilitating networking, knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and exclusive resources. Fuel engagement, foster connections, and elevate the value you provide.

Our Features

Fuel Growth with Plenarys:

In your community, Plenarys creates space for impactful mentorship connections. Experienced mentors collaborate with aspiring individuals, offering guidance across diverse sectors. This unique platform ensures your community thrives with cutting-edge solutions, propelling growth and success.

Forge Connections on Our Forum

Join the conversation and shape the dialogue in our vibrant forum. Share insights, ask questions, and connect with fellow members across diverse topics. Our forum is the heartbeat of your community, providing a space for meaningful discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and the exchange of valuable ideas. Dive into the discussions and amplify your community experience.

Revolutionize Networking with Plenarys Events:

Our advanced event organizer feature lets you see attendees before and after events, maximizing networking potential. Connect, engage, and extend conversations beyond the event. Elevate your networking game with Plenarys—where every event is a gateway to meaningful connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ``enter as a community`` for?

Member login is for a community or association admin.

What is ``enter as a member`` for?

This is for any member who wants to join their communities.

What communities can I join on Plenarys?

Mostly professional communities including School alumni communities, professional associations and startup community.

Is it free?

Plenarys is free for all users however communities will be charged a monthly subscription fee.

Is it available on Mobile?

Yes Plenarys is available on both AppStore and PlayStore.

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